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The integration between TreasuryNET and PFMS has been completed and mapping of various government schemes had been done. PFMS is web-based online transaction system for fund management and e-payment to implementing agencies and beneficiaries through DBT. The objective of PFMS is to establish an efficient fund flow system and expenditure network and provides various stakeholders with a reliable and meaningful management information system and an effective decision support system. A number of State Implementing Agencies have been registered in the online System. Various departments such as Education, Community & Rural Development, Social Welfare, Border Areas, Health, Soil & Water Conservation, etc have incorporated the DBT in transfer of funds under various schemes operated by them. Students have been registered for the appropriate scholarship schemes they are entitled to. Beneficiaries upto the village level are registered for availing various schemes which open up employment avenues, provide necessary day to day services and ensure social security.